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Brad called LL while on the road for his band A Million Pieces. They had a lovely conversation that left with more questions then it answered. Does this mean Brad is thinking about LL? Is he calling all of the ladies in his life? Will he call again? Find out in today’s episode “Lobster Ravioli’s.”

As the Crows Fly Podcast Season 1 Episode 8, Lobster Ravioli’s – Occurred on Sun, Mar 30, 2014



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Highlights from Episode 8, Lobster Ravioli’s:

  • A typical LA Earthquake came and went and had LL eating an early dinner
  • Brad invited LL over for a home cooked meal
  • Is this a date?
  • What happens after dinner and a movie?

Pictures from Episode 8, Lobster Ravioli’s:

As The Crows Fly Podcast - Lesley Logan Backyard

As The Crows Fly Podcast – Lesley Logan Backyard

Warm Bodies (click for IMDB link)

Warm Bodies (click for IMDB link)


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