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As the Crows Fly Podcast Season 1 Episode 3 – A Night After Sassafras – Occurred on Sat, Oct 26, 2013

Last weeks episode ended with Brad dropping some heavy info. He’s Married? Wait, how is that possible. Find out the details on that situation and what happens next in this weeks episode “A Night After Sassafras.”



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  1. Badger Vocals – This weeks episode is brought to you by Nancy Badger, of Badger Vocals. Brad has been studying with her for almost 6 years now and she has completely changed the way he sings. Her studio is located in Montrose, CA, just up a few minutes up Route 2 from Downtown Los Angeles, where she has been sculpting the voices of beginning to expert singers for almost 20 years. If you’re not in LA, she offers lessons via Skype. And, if you mention the As The Crows Fly Podcast, she’s offering you your 30 minute introductory lesson for free. Contact Nancy for voice lessons and vocal coaching at BADGERVOCALS.COM.
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Highlights from Episode 3, A Night After Sassafras:

  • How LL recovers from hearing that Brad is married.
  • Does Brad figure out that tonight was all a scheme to get him to go on a date with LL?
  • Will Brad get LL’s phone number? First we find out how a Lululemon Scarf got LL a date with Brad. Yep, a scarf!

Pictures from Episode 3, A Night After Sassafras:

As The Crows Fly Podcast - Brad Crowell Lesley Logan - Phone Number - A Night After Sassafras

Facebook to the rescue!

Cinespia showing The Craft on Oct, 26, 2013 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – As the Crows Fly Podcast A Night After Sassafras

Cinespia showing The Craft on Oct, 26, 2013 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery

You can see more pictures from that night at Cinespia here.


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