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Out of the norm, Brad contacts LL on a Friday night, asking about her plans for the evening. Then meets LL at her party, and takes her to his party, where he plays with fire and makes out with her in front of his friends… what could this mean?

As the Crows Fly Podcast Season 1 Episode 13, Knacking in Front of Friends – Occurred on Fri, June 6th, 2014



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Highlights from Episode 13, Knacking in Front of Friends:

  • Brad calls Lesley on a Friday
  • They both have work parties to attend
  • Pink lipstick is reapplied
  • Wait, what does Brad do in front of his friends?!?!

Pictures from Episode 13, Knacking in Front of Friends:

As The Crows Fly Podcast - Brad Crowell Checkin at Saddle Ranch

As The Crows Fly Podcast – Brad Crowell Checkin at Saddle Ranch


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