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As the Crows Fly Podcast Season 1 Episode 1- A Band About a Boy – Occurred on Date 10/14/13

Welcome to the very first episode of our As the Crows Fly podcast. We are excited to share our story with you. What is our story? Well, starting with this episode (and checking back each week) you’ll soon learn how “The Musician” and “A Pilates Girl” became Crow&LL.



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Highlights from Episode 1, A Band about a Boy:

LL: The summer of 2013 one of the biggest years of change, well summer of change I can think of in my life since 2007 when I first moved to LA. I packed up all I owned in my mini cooper. Left my boyfriend of 5 years, our house and basically the life I knew in LA.

Crow: Oh hey there, I’m Brad. And at the moment I’m perturbed by this tall, eccentric woman who’s walking purposefully up to me through the dimly lit parking lot of this West Hollywood venue.

Pictures from Episode 1, A Band about a Boy:

As The Crows Fly Podcast - A Million Pieces Showcase - Brad Crowell Lesley Logan

Brad Crowell Swing House Studios A Million Pieces Showcase Checkin Oct 15, 2013

Brad Crowell Swing House Studios A Million Pieces Showcase Checkin Oct 15, 2013

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