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As we were flying back from our honeymoon we found out about our Yoga instructor Anthony Benenati’s retreat in Ojai, Ca., just a 90 min drive from LA. Of course we were in! We snagged two spots in a Yurt and then waited for the end of June to arrive.

On our way up we enjoyed Waze’s creative instructions through back roads for half the drive while catching up on our favorite podcast, Undisclosed. Then we took a rest stop at Noso Vita for egg sandwiches, Kombucha and Bulletproof coffee.

After our evening yoga class and an incredible home cooked farm to table dinner from chef Evan we all sat around a fire. We each wrote down something we were ready to transform.

The next morning after a 2 hour yoga class Brad went to check out the tree that fell over during the night. Yes, this tree fell over while we slept. It narrowly missed a car.

The retreat was held at the Calliote Canyon and we both loved this space. After enjoying our brunch we took off into town for a snack, some antique shopping and stumbled upon a massive lavender festival.

Then it was back to our retreat for another yoga class before dinner. It was on this night we found out that someone had ranked yoga poses in a book from zero-60. Brad did a pose that was ranked in the 50’s! We didn’t snap a photo of that unfortunately.

The next day we awoke and went straight to yoga. The past two days we went to two classes. So, on this day we were “feeling it” (We don’t do this many yoga classes, usually!) But that didn’t hold us back.

Instead we both ended up doing poses we had not yet experienced. I (LL) did the “60” pose I heard about the night before. Standing tall, bending backward and grabbed my ankles without touching the floor. While Brad walked in circles on his head. Below is another rockstar series Brad did.



After class we enjoyed an incredible brunch and drove home to Gaia and Bayon!

It’s safe to say we loved this retreat, and retreating will be in our future. Our next one, I’ll be leading! Yes, Cambodia and Pilates in March. Seriously looking forward to going back to that magical place. Want to join us?