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Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to join a friend on a VIP tour of the X Games Austin (thanks Brian!), and then up to Dallas for the Red Bull Global RallyCross (GRC).

I got to meet motocross veteran Blake “Bilko” Williams, and first time competitor Harry Bink. Bilko is on the right in the picture below. (Harry’s not pictured here.)

Lots of sun and rain ensued… They canceled a number of the competitions due to lightning storms, but not before some awesome jumps by the guys.

Then we drove up to the GRC race, where we got to go onto the track during the race to fix a pothole.

After the race we stopped for lunch at John Kleifgen’s restaurant, Nick & Sam’s, for an amazing steak.

You may recall that John cooked at our wedding! It was great to hang with him again, however briefly.

Then we headed back to Austin, where we experienced the insanity of 6th street on Saturday night!