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My (LL) father and I have been doing Turkey Trots off and on since I was in high school. Missing only a few years in college and 2013 due to breaking my leg. Last year Brad joined in on the family tradition. He skipped across that finish line!

This year we woke up and prepared our Bulletproof coffee to warm our blood before bracing the fog and sub 40 degree weather. My sister Lacey, brother Michael and father Mike joined us before the start line.

The 5 of us began discussing race times, who would be running, walking and at what time/mile when Brad asks me what my race pace was. I said I should be about 25 min. He confidently says he’ll be running with me!


My husband run? Brad run and run a 5k in 25 min?!

To give you some background I run a 5k a few days a week. Brad has run a 5k…I’m not sure since his soccer days if he’s ran more than a mile ever. He hikes miles on weekends but running…not so much.

But wow! He killed it! He kept up with me for the first half and then completed the race in 28 min.

I came in second in my age group and 25th female overall! Pilates is my not so secret weapon.

Next year I bet Brad beats his own time! Maybe even me!!