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Another Thanksgiving trip up North and it was full of excitement. On Thanksgiving day we got up too early to meet for coffee in literally freezing temperatures.

Lesley used the non LA temperatures to fuel her for a record 5k. 24min and some seconds. Brad kept up with the speed walking Mike Logan and the men crossed the finish line together.

Then it was off to visit with family, enjoy food and wedding photos! Yep, we showed a few off. Stay tuned they’ll be up for viewing some day.

We skipped Black Friday and chose to do yoga in Lisa’s living room through FaceTime. Thanks Lindsay for the hook up. Then it was off to dinner and hugging with Lesley’s dad, sister and of course the dogs!

Lambeau loves to hug. Yes, he is squeezing me back!

Notice how he enjoys (or demands) to be held like a child.

So much love for him. But let’s not forget about the older pups.

After lots of fun we said good bye to Lesley’s family and it was off to San Francisco!

It was actually warmer there then back at LL’s hometown. A stroll through the Embarcadero for lunch and some blue bottle coffee.

Then it was off to the night tour at Alcatraz! Stay tuned for our fantastic experience on the ROCK!



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