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During our travels we saw many, many signs. It was surprising how many were in English. Surprising and helpful. There are lots of these “helpful” signs to share. In fact, this will probably be the first of many “lost in translation” posts.

The “sorry we’re open” is interesting. Did they really get that wrong? Or, are they apologizing for being in business? Our receipt total was clearly written out. Never paid for anything and actually not known how much it was.

This is not advertising the same thing as in the States. Yes, it’s the same logo, but it’s for a phone company on a bus.

I know, this seems pretty clear. It’s a question mark. But, it’s above a toilet in a Thai restaurant.

Labanoon is in town and they are Big…well Big Ass that is. Note to self: before picking a name for anything must put it through multiple google translators.

These signs at a Thailand train stop were in English. Which made me wonder. Are these just for tourists?

Stay tuned in sure we’ve got more or will have more to share. There’s plenty of signs we have t seen yet!