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Welcome to Bangkok!

Lesley and I “slept in,” which means I got up at 9am local time. I have no idea what time it is back in Los Angeles at this point…

After taking a leisurely coffee, we packed our bags left them at the concierge and went out into the city of Bangkok. After another stop at the luxurious Starbucks next to our hotel, I hit up some street food vendors grab some chicken liver and fried chicken, while Lesley grab some roasted bananas.

We figured out how to access the skytrain and went down a few stops to find a massage parlor called Health Land, where we got a two hour Thai massage.

After that we walked down the street to the restaurant called cabbages and condoms, a place which Lesley had read about on a blog from someone who lives in Thailand and has celiac’s. The food was quite nice 🙂 the Decour was hilarious.

(Yes, they are made of condoms…)

Off to Phuket!