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After another quick kayaking adventure on the east side of Phi Phi Lee, where LL and I found a secluded little crevasse in the 15 story high walls, our boat took us down around the souther tip of the island to an area of snorkeling and a 200 meter walk across the island to the infamous Maya Bay. To get to the walk way, we had to climb a ten foot rope wall. Then, on to the Maya Bay’s beach which was featured in the film, “The Beach.”

The tide was going out as we had arrived around 4:30pm, so the water was quite low. Fortunately, it was also less crowded, even if there were dozens of other boats in the bay itself.

Our tour guide called us all back to the boat, and when we got back across the path, the water had receded significantly there too. When we jumped into the water to swim back to the boat, we were surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish!

Then, our boat rounded the bottom part of Phi Phi Lee, and took us to the mouth of Maya Bay.

When we got to the mouth of the bay, LL and I made our 3rd (quick!) kayak trip under a massive extension of rock. It was super choppy because the water was swelling up against and through the openings under the rock, but we made it. Exhilarating!

On the trip back to Phi Phi Don, the sunset was magnificent. Take a peek.

Tune in tomorrow for the city of Phuket and back to Bangkok.