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As we all know, vacations include relaxation, food and of course, shopping! I (LL) was hoping to find at least one awesome, have-to-have-never-going-to-forget and of course jaw dropping, I-have-no-words item. No pressure, Asia!

In Bangkok I found (UN) Fashion. Amazing vintage items. Celine, Louis Vuitton and more. Nothing that I couldn’t wait until Japan and have shipped though. Brad scored some amazing shoes.

Cambodia was almost 10 miles of jungle and Temples. You don’t even think about shopping when you’re in the presence of such beauty.

So, Tokyo… I had high expectations. We started on Harajuku Street, of course.

Yes, that’s hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the rain on the tiniest street. Cute items, but after awhile it feels like the Venice Beach boardwalk (rap CD hustlers included) but in Japanese.

Then it was off to Ginza the next day. The department stores were insanely packed. They were a combo of the Embarcadero in SF, meets Fred Segal, meets every department store in one building! Oh, I should add it happened to be Ginza Fashion week and a Japanese holiday, so everybody was out. Those of you who know me know I don’t shop on Black Friday. This made Black Friday look like the day after April 15th.

Brad (again!) found an amazing jacket – thanks to my incredible eye spotting abilities of seeing a store in an alley. But, still nothing that stood out to me. Nothing that I couldn’t get next week back home.

We even walked into this hat shop… which wasn’t actually a shop. It was the designers office. They should really think about locking their door – or not posing as a store!

However, I had not fear. I knew something would come my way. (Ok, maybe a little!) I googled vintage stores and found a great list. I picked one. Only one. My incredibly awesome souvenir would be there. I just knew it.

We got up on our last day and took the train towards Shibuya to Eve’s Vintage. I walked up and stopped dead in my tracks. There it was! The bag I never knew I always wanted.

I know, she’s pretty epic! Now, how to get her on the plane. We didn’t check any bags for the past 8 flights. I wasn’t about to do it on this final leg.

There she is bigger than my carry on. But wait! My backpack fits inside. Plus, if I do it right I can make it look like a purse. So, here we go…

Phew, my new Vintage Gucci made it past what felt like 20 attendants (no exaggeration there, there were seriously 20 attendants).

It’s all about perseverance folks!