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Our flight to Siem Reap was really cranking the “dry ice” in an effort to cool us all down. Afterall, Bangkok was almost 100 degrees and extremely humid. Siem Reap would be no cooler. In the picture below you can see the “air.”

After a quick trip over Thailand we landed in Cambodia. It was so quick that our flight crew didn’t bring around any landing cards. You know, the paperwork you need to get through customs!

No worries though. Right? Wrong, while we came prepared and had already paid for our visas and had them approved online, without a landing card we could not get in line. So, there we were with 200 tourists who also had their visas just wanting to make a smooth entrance into Cambodia. Finally after 20mins of several of us trying to explain that we had no landing card, an official brought a stack over and we were rather quickly stamped through. Cambodia we are here!

Holy cow it’s hot and something is burning. Like a lot. Yet, somehow in this crazy, burning-your-eyes heat we were falling in love with this place.

Sitting in the back of the Tuk Tuk (the only mode of transportation in Thailand we did not do) we took in the feel of this village called Siem Reap. Its home to Angkor. Most of you know it as Angkor Wat. There are of course many, many hotels here along the main drag. But, amongst these hotels are locals. Local cusine (aka more street food.) Brad went out in search of dinner. I went into our hotel room.

Instead of elephants, this time we were greeted with love swans. The hotel went out of there way to make our suite very special. It was crazy late, we were fantastically sweaty and ready to sleep. Our big big day was here. Sunrise at Angkor Wat otherwise known as Alarm goes off at 4:30am.