Melrose Trading Post

Brad w Bench and Chairs
Brad w Bench and Chairs

Melrose Trading Post
Melrose Trading Post
Today was a super productive and fun day. After our Sunday morning routines, LL and I made our way to the Melrose Trading Post, on a mission: replace the backyard patio furniture.

After snagging a prime parking spot right on Fairfax, we made our way into the high school parking lot, which turns into the largest flea market in Los Angeles every Sunday. Almost immediately we spotted a booth with benches, tables and chairs. Since it was so soon into our search, we laid the foundation for haggling on price, placed a mental bookmark and headed into the fray of other booths.

Since we had given ourselves a rigid timetable, we bopped around, skipping everything except furniture. Until I saw these gorgeous puppies… clearly a have-to-have!

Vintage Willson Safety Goggles
Vintage Willson Safety Goggles
I can’t figure out if they are from the 1920’s or 1930’s, but they are so fun!

After determining that we did, in fact, want two chairs and a bench from that very first booth, we also found a sweet coffee table built around an industrial fan.


But… what to do with that massive bench?! Well, there was nothing else for it but the roof!

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  1. Lisa
    April 25, 2016

    Whoo! Hooo! Good times! Can’t wait to see the patio all decked out! Don’t forget to string up the night lights!!

  2. […] on Sunday we made a few purchases to update the backyard. If you missed that adventure check it out here. We are about to hang one more amazing chair and I (LL) have some mason jars and succulents to […]

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