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After a short flight back to Bangkok we were quickly into a taxi and then walking into our hotel, The Muse. It’s the same hotel we spent our first night in Bangkok at. It’s a unique hotel with a boutique roaring 1920’s Chicago-like feel. They’ve done an amazing job with the decorations.

It’s also right across the street from a new spa called Diora. We dropped out bags off and went to enjoy what would be one of the best massages we’ve had so far here in Thailand.


I know what you’re thinking! What about Seen-Pie back on Phi Phi? Hadn’t Brad pledged his love for her? Well, that love was short lived. She didn’t seem to remember him the next day and he had the same snoring-at-first-massage reaction to his new masseuse. Within less than 10 minutes he was asleep. Sorry Seen-Pie.


After our massage (complete with foot scrub) we went back to our hotel. We discovered that we are staying at one of the top rated hotels amongst travelers and the two restaurants inside are even more popular. From inside the lobby we could hear the sounds of live opera coming from the restaurant below., Medici So, we went downstairs grabbed a drink and a seat and enjoyed the beautiful sounds.

It was during this show we made our dinner plans for tonight. We reserved the best table and then off we were to Babette’s Steakhouse on the 19th floor.

Greeted by a girl dressed like a 1920’s flapper, we were escorted to one of three tables with the view of the city. It was the best of the three. Dead center.

Then it happened! One of the best dinners ever. Because of my food allergies we meet lots of Chefs. Tonight was no different. We were greeted with the restaurant manager Marion and Chef Tobias. They assured us a perfect dinner. Spoiler alert they did not disappoint.


My quinoa salad would have been perfect enough, but then our Tomahawk steak arrived. I’ve never had steak like this in the States before. After too much goodness, the candy table arrived.

However, stuffed with a delicious handcrafted dinner, we passed and headed to bed.

Today’s a big day. Floating Markets, shopping and a live Opera are on the agenda!

Xx ~Crow&LL