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Yes, you read that correctly! Plus, you can see it in the photo above. Little pieces of octopus all wrapped up and laying on a bed of rice.

Our chef was standing there preparing our meal. Brad sat there awaiting my decision. Would I eat it? Would I like it? If you’ve been following our blog then you read about my Frog Leg experience. (IMSERT LIMK) Now, in a different country and I’m out of excuses.

It’s gluten free. It’s dairy free. It’s oil free. If it’s free of my allergies I have to at least try it. Also, when I agreed to the octopus I confirmed it would not be the head and it would not be alive. I’ve seen too many travel food shows where they pick out their octopus and it’s on their plate moving about! Like I said, no excuses! I have to bite the bullet or in this case, octopus.

The verdict is in. I liked it. I have also expanded my sushi experiences after this trip. The sushi stays! Which makes the sushi loving Brad very happy.


Lesley Logan
Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Author

Los Angeles Magazines Best of the Best 2013