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I (LL) ate frog legs!! 

Well, frog leg to be precise. Honestly, I tried to be adventurous with food when I could. If it was gluten free, dairy free and oil free, I was at least determined to try it.

I tried the duck eggs in Bangkok and while you can’t have too many of those, it was good. Salty, naturally, but good.

I got out of a lot of street food that still had faces due to the way they were cooked.

I loved all the unique fruits. I have to say snake fruit is amazing. Dragon fruit is much much cheaper out here. I won’t need to purchase it at Wholefoods for $10 to try it anymore.

Passion fruit was awesome! I actually thought that was a fake flavor made up in the states. As if it was a mixture of something that marketers named Passionfruit to get us to buy it. But it’s real and really good.

However, this was no Passionfruit. It was a frog. I failed at the boiled shrimp. As a States girl, I never have to do much but pull off the tail. But here, in Cambodia, shrimp have a face and legs! When swimming around I have no problems with these beings. I could even (and have even) held a frog. I’ve owned snakes. But this? This was tough for me. Sad to admit it, but it’s true.

I ate it. Tastes like dry chicken. Back home I shall just eat chicken though. Organic, grain fed, cage free and all that jazz, but still chicken.