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(Toad. Shot on an iPhone 6 Plus)

Yesterday, Geoffro, Broch and I (Brad) went hiking at Switzer Falls up in the Los Angeles National Forest, along Route 2. It’s so close, yet so far from what you would ever imagine as LA.

About a mile and a half in, we came to the falls. There were tons of people, so we didn’t stay long.

You could even go up above the falls, but we turned around and went downstream.

Los Tres Fracasados.

Below is a newt, just walking in the ice cold stream.

Here’s a close up.

No idea how I did that… But it didn’t come from a bear, don’t worry.

At some point I thought it made sense to scale a wall, then turned around and realized how far above the ground I was… This is NOT the path!

We found this awesome log and proceeded to use it as a spring board until it broke.

This looked like it was straight out of a movie set!

If you ever go into Los Angeles National Park, you must have an Adventure Pass if you park your car to meander around. Day passes are $5, and the ranger’s station is open til 4pm.