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Wow, wow, wow — it’s been a year already! LL and I can’t even believe it. This year has been jam packed with the most amazing changes for both of us as individuals, and for our family unit.

We’re incredibly grateful for job changes – both of us changed positions within our companies, and I launched a company with a close friend of mine.

We added a new family member to the fold, which you couldn’t have missed if you’ve seen any of our Facebook or Instagram posts. Bayon, adopted at three months, is now at least 45 lbs!


Together, LL and I launched a podcast. If you’re waiting on the edge of your seats for the final episode, we blame the dogs for knocking my hard drive off the table… stay tuned, it’s coming.

Our wedding photos were published on A Practical Wedding’s website. And starting today, we’ll be posting them to social media. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

In celebration of our anniversary, we took 36 hour off from life as we know it, plotting a staycation and telling nobody 😎

Last night we had a masseus come to our apartment. That was magical. Gaia was VERY uncomfortable with the concept and Bayon could have cared less.

This morning, we got up early and drove to our yoga teacher’s home studio for a couples private session. We learned that I need to work on passive backbends and LL needs to reach more through her left side body to eliminate torque. It’s possible that that’s TMI… but not really.

After that we scooped up the dogs and went down to Marina del Rey for our weekly puppy training class. I stayed with Bayon and LL went to a cafe with Gaia.


Then we walked around the canals in Venice. It was super hot, but quite lovely.


Back at the house, we took a quick nap, and then back down to Venice beach for some Bulletproof Coffee – sans the dogs this time – before enjoying sunset in the Penthouse at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica.


A quick dinner at True Food and a feeris wheel ride later, and it was home again, home again.


Much love,