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The wedding is 6 weeks away! To celebrate instead of a wild cliche bachelorette party I planned a “choose your own adventure” bridal situation. My way of celebrating a shower and bachelorette in one swoop.

It could not have been better! Seriously, every person who joined in on the fun added so much love and life to the day. I started with yoga and brunch. Then off I rode to a morning at the spa.

After a vicious scrub (which I highly recommend every 4-6 weeks) I enjoyed a reflexology massage. 50 min devoted to my gams. Then a much needed mani/pedi. Thank you Marina B for partaking in a spa day with me (and also being the keeper of yoga mats and motorcycle helmet so I could be a “lady of leisure” for the day).

The Blue Jam Cafe was next on the list. A dirty chai and an omelette later and it was time to shop!

Yes, that’s a vintage Gucci and phenomenal find that Ashley H. spotted. I took this pretty piece home and it’s already in use. Chanda H suprised is with very delicious macarons. We only got through half of the cool (and somewhat strange) section of Melrose. I changed dresses in a storage room at the last shop and then off we went to Gracias Madre.

The drinks and too much food poured in. As well as some of my dearest friends. Some old (in friendship not years) some new. It was a total blast. I am so thankful that Marina, Mara, Eric, Irina, Pamela, Sapna, Carrie and Sydney came out. The night was so special!

Thank you everyone who joined in and made this day one I will never forget. I’m truly blessed beyond words to have such amazing friends.

So, while there were no strippers for my friends to enjoy. There was plenty of friendship and love. That’s all I could have ever asked for. I mean, there was even a shaved ice tequila drink!


Ps. I would like to clarify that drink was not mine.
PPs. How did no one get a pic of the dessert?