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We absolutely love Cinespia season. Saturday nights (sometimes Sunday’s) we and 4000+ gather up out picnics, wine and more to cozy up on the grass at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

For the last two years we have been trying to figure out ways to be comfortable while watching amazing movies. However, chair and pillows were not doing the trick.

One day we saw a couple in a Fatboy! That’s was it. Brad searched and found us our very own.

This past Saturday we took it out for its first trip to the Cemetery. The Virgin Suicides was showing.

I met Brad in line. Yes, lots of stares while I walked along Santa Monica blvd like a turtle or snail. Carrying my “house” with me!

People didn’t know if it was a backpack or a tent. I smiled and said “it’s a Fatboy!” I knew while they were staring we would soon be sitting comfortably.

The movie was good, the friends we made were great. Our Fatboy was AMAZING. In fact it was so wonderful we are thinking of adding more movie nights to our Cinespia calendar!