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I (LL) love Coffee! I do. It’s amazing. Amazing because I love my coconut-milk hazelnut creamer. Above you’ll see a lovely coffee with almond milk, pressed juice and a gluten and dairy-free Fo-Nut. I guess what I meant to say is… I love sugar!

See, I thought I was not a sugar-a-holic. I mean, how could I be? I don’t eat gluten or dairy. I rarely have fruit or shakes. Just some dark chocolate here and there. I don’t add sugar to anything. I only have several ginger chews at night…. oh wait hmmm, yeah I love sweets. Which is actually why I don’t keep most of those choice morsels in the house.

Last week I kicked off a 41 day stomach reset. I have been struggling with digestive issues since 2007. Everytime I thought I had “figured it out” I would have to eliminate yet another food ingredient. After traveling through Asia, enough was enough.

I downloaded this awesome reset from and went off to the store in search of all the ingredients. Before your jaw hits the floor, get ready to really picture this outing. There I am in Trader Joes and Whole Foods trying to figure out what some of these items even were.

In case you didn’t see our wedding in person or on Periscope, I previously used Whole Foods prepared foods as if it were my kitchen. Then luckily Brad showed up with his love for cooking! Talk about a double score: handsome man and a chef.

It’s been just a little over a week. No caffeine, no sugar. But herbal tea is ok.

I hate tea.

Day 2 was the absolute worst. I never had caffeine headache withdrawals (I’ve gone off and on caffeine before,) but the sugar? Well, let’s just say I couldn’t have handled a hallmark or Sarah McLaughlin animal ad that day.

After day 3 the almost uncontrollable, emotional lack-of-sugar-state had passed. I have been successfully cooking chicken, cod, salmon, making lamb burgers, shakes and that’s right – no sweets. Not a single dessert. Sparkling water has become this incredible elixir. I do not lie.

I’ve just started adding eggs and super excited to try black coffee on Friday. Yes, I’m going to fall in love with Espresso. I’m manifesting it.

So, why share this with you? Well, aside from the switching of the roles here at the Crow’s nest, I think it’s important that we take a look at what we are eating and why. Are you eating it because you need it or want it? There’s so much craziness in our foods. I won’t go further down that political GMO trail. But, where do you spend your time in the grocery store? The outside edges, or in the aisles?

I’m 8 days in and feel amazing. Stay tuned for more adventures from the kitchen!