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As you probably know, we went up north this year to hang with LL’s family for Thanksgiving. While there, we headed over to San Francisco, as we had previously purchased tickets to tour Alcatraz. It was super cold! Glad we had gloves…

Took us a few minutes to find parking around Pier 39. Some of the parking lots were offering spaces for $40 and $50 for the evening! We pulled into this park-and-pay, found a spot, and were getting out of the car when another van stopped and gave us their pass. Talk about a score!


1 Alcatraz Tickets

Lesley checking out the model of the island.


2 Mini

3 Sign Capone

4 Alcatras Clipper

We took a ferry from the pier out to the island of Alcatraz, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on the trip.5 Lesley and Brad

6 Sign Convicts

7 Lesley Brad Golden Gate

Up close and personal with Alcatraz Island.

8 The Rock

9 Sign Hillside

Click the two images below this to enlarge. They are panoramas of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, and the second is the shower room that all the new inmates used when entering the facility.

10 Golden Gate The Rock Panorama

11 Shower Room Pano

12 Sign Island

One of the rows of cells that was shut down.

13 A Block


14 Cell

15 B Block

16 Decorated Cell

17 Sign Contraband

18 D Block

19 D Block full

20 Library

The below pic shows the pock marks left by grenades that were dropped through the roof by the Marines who were entering the prison during the famous escape attempt that left many dead (both prisoners and guards).


21 Grenade

22 Sign Lincoln

Typically, the Hospital is only open at night. Fortunately, we were there to freeze our butts off, and got to see this little gem. The Birdman spent years in his hospital room.

23 Hospital Wing

24 Hospital

The Bay Bridget to the Golden Gate at night.

25 San Fran Night