Doing Pilates, Vintage Style

After breaking my leg in August of 2014, I set out to come back stronger than ever. I started 2015 with one major goal. Earn one of 12 spots in the 2016 class of The Work at Vintage Pilates.

After 10 months of focused training I was stronger than ever and seeing if my hard work would pay off.

It did.

The Work is broken up into 4 weekend trainings on Pilates exercises with Jay Grimes – who trained with Joseph and Clara Pilates. I can’t get closer to the source of my joblove than Jay.

Fast forward to now, I’m halfway through the program and more in love with Pilates than ever before.

I also love the new habits I’ve been forming. Being in this program means not just staying in shape, but gaining strength in both my mind and muscles.

Plus, surprising myself and even my teacher Jay! I followed the guys’ lead and did handstand push-ups! Then, in pure strength, grace and gymnast-style, pulled my legs through and held myself up with enough leg room to beat my legs. Ok, for that part you just really had to be there!

Anyways, around this Crow’s nest we love goals and visions. So, set yours, make a plan and maybe you’ll surprise yourself!


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  1. Mary
    April 20, 2016

    Inspired. See you Friday.

  2. Lisa Logan Reedy
    April 21, 2016

    Wow! You are such a great write, goal-getter, and motivational inspiration! I loved what you wrote, “…ok, for that part, you really had to be there!” You saying that, somehow transported us all closer to you and what you were describing! Lol!! I mean I could visualize what you were saying!! I’m so proud of you for so many different reasons. You truly launch yourself forward and bring others to higher levels along with you!! Thanks for including us in your life. I love the lovebirds, crowsnest, and as the crows fly!

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