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After hearing the insane airport stories of friends all over the country we braved the 405, LAX and airport security last Friday. Surprisingly smooth trips all the way up to our plane. Of course, we had to stop at Wolf Gangs for lunch and holiday videos and messages. Here’s a pic we took for a buddy!

After meeting a guy named Marc who practices yoga at our same yoga studio we all got on board our flight to Philly!

We settled in for our flight, excited for what was awaiting us in PA. No, not the cold weather! But, 13th Street….

We spent time with friends (see Brads blog) and slept under Christmas lights (cover pic) before taking the train to the Crowell annual Christmas trifecta!

With the musicians playing holiday cheer I captured as many songs on video as Roberts camera would muster. The quote of the night goes to Peter (cousin Hannah’s fiancée from the U.K.) “Brad, how long have you been playing the trumpet?” Background: Brad plays the trombone.

We all got dressed up! Even Grandpa Crowell put on a piece of Hespera for the holiday occasion. We exchanged gifts from Pollyanna. She did pretty great this year!

Then it was off to bed to gear up for day 2!

Snoopy loves his gift!!!

Then it was time for the rest of the family to come over.

Me and G-MA H

After fun times and Christmas dinner it was time to curl up, watch a movie and hang out with the fam some more.

We awoke Monday morning and enjoyed a slow day off before the annual Koffel Clan holiday party! The families that grew up together on this road many years ago gather around the day after Christmas to catch up and meet the new editions (babies, finances, etc.)

We are currently in route to NYC! Stay tuned for more deets on our time in Philly from Brad