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Cherry Blossoms in Japan are uber famous. They are a symbol of spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. I like to describe them as a sign of new beginnings and seeing beauty in the present moment.

When I got my first tattoo (ok, technically second as this was a cover up) I chose cherry blossoms for their meaning. It was 2013 and I was on a new adventure. I was set out to live life in the present moment. Here’s a picture of my new beginning.

In 2014 Brad and I were ready for our new beginning. We added onto mine and created the Crow&LL crest. You may remember from our post last summer (insert link here).

It should come as no surprise when we picked Japan that we looked up Cherry Blossom season. Wouldn’t you know, we would be a few days too early! Seriously, how unlucky could we get? Not a few weeks or months… Literally days!

As you know, I’m not easily convinced. So, I planned to hunt for them anyways. Brad, the amazing husband he is, entertained my quest and asked his friend Tak where we could possibly see any blossoms. Tak and his wife gave us incredibly detailed instructions on where we might find these symbolic flowers that only last 2 weeks (if that) once opened.

With our map in hand, we headed out in search of Cherry blossom treasure. Hopping off at the Meguro River, we started our walk. It was bleak. Not a blossom in bloom for the first couple blocks.

However, that didn’t stop us! We trudged forward along a very Abbot Kinney-esq street. Before you think I’m completely nuts, there were others on this path looking for any sign of spring (I swear!)

Then all of a sudden, one block had decided it would be my blossom moment. There was a line to see the ONE tree that was blooming, so we waited our turn. Brad patiently, me not so much. Clearly, I’m an instant gratification girl. Don’t judge me!

You can sort of see them, right? They’re there, ready for the celebration. Once it was our turn to get up close, we (of course) introduced Japan to our cherry blossoms.

And to prove they were really there, here is our close up.

Big thanks to the warm weather the day before for tricking these babies into blooming early. Another thank you to the great sport, Brad! I couldn’t have figured out a map in Japan without him.

Next year, we’ll visit a week later!