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Brad Lesley Gaia Joshua Tree
Last year was my (LL) first time camping in Joshua Tree National Park. Camping at JTree had already become an annual Memorial weekend tradition amongst Brad and his friends, so it was an exciting return for them. Then, to make this incredible place even more special, Brad proposed to me here at White Tank Campground. So, now one year and a wedding later, we returned with a few of our friends to grill, hike, lay like lizards and literally unplug!

Brad and Lesley Joshua Tree.

Lesley Gaia Joshua Tree

So, with the Jeep packed to the bursting point (Brad tetris-ed the sh*t out of it), we trudged through LA traffic. Arriving later than we would have wished, we checked every single campsite until we found a spot at the very last one: Hidden Valley Campground. Slightly bummed that it wasn’t at our special White Tank (but thrilled we got a spot) we set up camp and grilled some sausage before turning in.

Our friends arrived the next morning and the relaxing, book reading and bouldering began. The plants in Jtree are specific to Joshua Tree.

Hun Sens Cambodia Joshua Tree.

Brad Jeff David Geoffro Joshua Tree.

Geoffro Rocks Joshua Tree.




Joshua Trees are only found here in this National Park, but here are a bunch of desert cactus that were also growing out in the wild.

Cactus Flower Joshua Tree.

Cactus Joshua Tree.

Cactus 2 Joshua Tree

Brad also found some other fun and exciting desert life!

Beatle Joshua Tree.

Grasshopper Joshua Tree

Gaia was pretty much (per the norm) unimpressed.

Gaia Joshua Tree

But, maybe it’s because she missed her new little brother Bayon!

Bayon Pitbull Puppy

After lots of great cooking and amazing hangouts it was time to wake up too early to take some pics. I mean it’s Joshua Tree! So, one must strike a few poses.

Lesley Logan Pilates 1 Joshua Tree.

Brad Handstand Joshua Tree.

Lesley Logan Pilates Scorpion Joshua Tree.

Lesley Logan Pilates 2 Joshua Tree

We tried to get some with Gaia. She humored us…

Gaia Lesley Joshua Tree

Pretty sure she’s rolling her eyes at me! After probably 25 times running back to the camera to snap a family pic with Gaia and not getting one good one. We let her hike around and just took our own.

Lesley Brad Joshua Tree

After the shoot was over we packed the Jeep up and said good bye to Jtree until next time!

Jeep Gucci Joshua Tree