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Our little man is feeling very much at home. I walked in on Sunday night to two dogs ready and waiting to greet me.
After spending two days with Brad and Gaia I got to snuggle in and enjoy the puppy love. Puppies always wake bright side up. Have you ever noticed that? They open their eyes and they are so excited about life, the world and hopping all around. You can’t help but smile! Even at 3am.
Gaia’s been a great big sister! Today we all went to the vet. Not something dogs would normally get excited about. But, this little guy was!
Everyone at the Carlsen Animal Hospital fell in love with this dynamic duo. Not that we were surprised. Bayon is not allowed to be on the floor so he got love from everyone there. When Dr. Buddha (yes, that’s her name and we think it’s perfectly fitting Gaia and Bayon have her as their vet) took Bayon back to check him and give him his shot she stood guard.
Gaia also got her check up. She’s safe from Rabies and all set for our camping trip next weekend (Bayon will be hanging at home mastering his potty training). After fun times at the vet it was back to the nest where they proceeded to play tug a war for 30 min straight. A duck lost that battle.
The selfies continue! Still working on a two dog Selfie…