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As I’m sure you figured out from our last post, LL and I have been on the hunt for a puppy! Well, thanks to all of you on Facebook who helped us with that hunt, we found Bayon at the Burbank Animal Shelter.


Bayon is three months old, weighs 15 pounds and is full of more energy than I realized was possible in any being. His name is derived from the Khmer temple at the center of Angkor, called Bayon. It was known to be the “center of the universe.”


Because of his adorable cuteness, he was causing quite a fuss at the shelter. They could not hold him for us when we called on Friday, so we had to keep our fingers crossed that nobody was to adopt him later that afternoon. I showed up first thing Saturday morning to beat the crowd.

Part of the process for adoption was to introduce the puppy to any existing animals in the house… so Gaia was present. The meet and greet went very well. Within just a few minutes Gaia was laying on the floor while Bayon ran circles around the room.


Thanks to the help of our dear friend DJ, the Boxing Chef, we had a safe transport home where Bayon got to settle in with Gaia.


While Gaia is not used to sharing, she is getting there.

FullSizeRender (1)

Being only three months old, Bayon copies her every move.


Fortunately we have our wonderful back patio, and Bayon seems to enjoy it out there.


Nothing like a little sunbathing…


Last night, he curled up next to my face when sleeping. He managed to sleep the entire night and didn’t wake me once.




Say cheese…


I am so excited for Lesley to get to meet our new addition in just a few minutes as she is returning from a long work weekend!


Until next time,