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A perfectly timed “staycation” mini-moon at the Ritz-Carlton in the Marina Del Rey.

We were treated to a lovely night at the Ritz! All we had to do was show up and enjoy. Gaia was invited too!

The day was insanely gorgeous and equally hot. So, we put on our sunscreen and found a shady spot by the pool.

As always we roll to the pool in our own special way. Clearly prepared with these pool shoes.

After a delicious lunch pool side (thank you Saul for going the extra mile double checking my chicken was safe to eat,) we relaxed in our room overlooking the Marina. It was a luxurious evening.

A wonderful gift (thank you to the Wilsons for your creative and thoughtful family trip).

Thank you to the Ritz-Carlton in the Marina for taking great care of us. Angelica from housekeeping couldn’t be sweeter. Our doorman Brian gave us the best suggestion for breakfast and coffee.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, a long walk on the beach and a great cup of joe. Sunday mornings as the crows fly.