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Yesterday, I (Brad) stopped by the Black Diamond Tattoo shop in Venice, CA to meet up with our artist, Shingken Sakamoto. We’ve been planning a tattoo with him for a few months now. Here’s the outline of what mine would look like:
Brad Planning

After a bit of excitement (it’s 8 inches from top to bottom!), I went home and began to think seriously through the colors of the tattoo for the next day.

So, the next day, we’re about to get started.
Brad and Shingken

Here’s a bit of prep.
Shingken Sakamoto

Then, our friends Dana and Milena stopped by!
Dana and Milena 2

They took a few pics of the two of us.
Brad and Lesley 3
Brad and Lesley 2
Brad and Lesley 1

Here’s a close-up of Shingken (who goes by Ken) working diligently.
Skingken Sakamoto 2

I arrived at noon, we started at 1:30, and finally finished at 7. Not going to lie, it was rough.

Finally, Lesley was up!
Lesley and Shingken

After another 2 hours we were finished, with two amazing tattoos that were designed to compliment each other, and have lots of inner meaning. We’ll post close-ups in a few weeks after the healing process is over.
Brad Lesley and Shingken Final

Oh, and in case you were wondering…
Pay Cash