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As The Crows Fly & Our Brands

Empowering the world through Pilates

As The Crows Fly founders Lesley Logan Brad Crowell with Bayon, Gaia, and August

As The Crows Fly founders Lesley Logan, Brad Crowell and dogs

Why we do all the things…

As The Crows Fly believes that Pilates makes us better people. The entire purpose of our company is to empower people with the ability to take Pilates. That could be through our online class platform, our podcast, or by helping others further the fitness/Pilates business they operate so they can make more money – thereby increasing the influence they have in their communities. We believe in community over competition. We’re all in this world together, and together we can make it a better place.


Our Brands

Online Pilates Classes OPC

Pilates classes, workshops, workouts, and online tutorials.

Profitable Pilates by Lesley Logan

Profitable Pilates

Pilates and fitness business coaching.

Lesley Logan Pilates

Lesley Logan Pilates

Pilates mentorship, retreats, and LL’s podcast.

Crows Nest Retreats Cambodia

Crows Nest Retreats

Cambodia retreat space for groups of all kinds.

As The Crows Fly, Inc

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